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Writing a thesis statement for compare and contrast essay. How to Write a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement: Tips and Examples

The Civil War could be said to have arisen from a fundamental dispute over freedom: which is more sacred, freedom for individuals, or freedom from government? Too slow? Our professional writers are skilled and may have specialized experience in writing a particular type of essays for example compare and contrast essays.

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A thesis asking you to compare or contrast might read, "The newest version of the game differs from the older game in terms of characters, technical specifications and price. Thesis statements bring unity to a piece of writing, giving it a focus and a purpose.

Lincoln was the 16th, while Kennedy — the 35th. A possible thesis could be: Though their fates are quite different, both Lily Bart and Judy Trenor willingly seek lives in gilded cages. A new technology and the French Revolution B new technology and the Russian Revolution A military strategy and the French Revolution B military strategy and the Russian Revolution A administrative system and the French Revolution B Paragraph 6 in body administrative system and the Russian Revolution Note that the French and Russian revolutions A and B may be dissimilar rather than similar in the way they affected innovation in any of the three areas cover letter for jobstreet technology, military strategy, and administration.

Compare and contrast features Another key in crafting a good thesis statement for compare and contrast essay is evaluating the features of the two objects under discussion.


An introduction. Who uses or defends them? Professors often like the alternating system because it generally does a better job of highlighting similarities and differences by juxtaposing your points about A and B.

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The following prompts require explanatory thesis statements because they are asking the writer to compare two things without taking a particular stance on whether one is better or worse.

Why are they significant? Two ideas or theories Did they originate at some particular time?

Comparing and Contrasting

Prompt: Explain the similarities and differences between the Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear disasters. For example, it is very obvious that cats and dogs are different.

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Both of creative writing on family conflict examples should help you introduce the thesis statement.

Instead, there is a range of methods that can make a paper impressive. In a point by point system, each point is discussed in a single paragraph. What type of thesis does this prompt require? Then you would focus on men in the next section. Write a forceful thesis To invigorate vigor nvq level 3 childcare coursework help thesis, establish the direction of your comparisons.

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Why are they interesting? Lincoln served for five years, and Kennedy for three years.

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Fair-Use Policy What is a comparative essay? Two people Where are they from? The type of structure used depends on the essay writer and the advantages of each structure. Who created them?

Make sure you know the basis for comparison

Explanatory Thesis Statements An explanatory thesisA statement that explains something without judgment. Both types of structure have their merits. Example Topic: Public and private education comparison Introduction.

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This is a helpful visual aid, because it organizes similarities and differences clearly. However, if you were writing a paper for a class on typesetting or on how illustrations are used to enhance novels, the typeface and presence or absence of illustrations might be absolutely critical to include in your final paper.

Compare and contrast is a common form of academic writing, either as an essay type on its own, or as part of a larger essay which includes one or more paragraphs which compare or contrast.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

It declares one subject to be better or worse than another. A more effective topic choice could result in a thesis such as "American and European soccer differ in equipment, scoring and penalties. Remember, your professor expects you to contrast and compare with a purpose.

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Such words should be undoubtedly clear whether they indicate contrast or showcase similarities. Block structure This approach allows the students to compare different objects based on a particular writing pattern. Step 7 - Craft Your Essay with Strong Transitional Words Transitional words give your essay a nice flow from one statement to the next. It should, however, go beyond a simple analysis.

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To use the alternating method, you just need to have something noteworthy to say about both A and B in each area. It is asking you to compare the two characters. If you prefer to focus on one subject at a time, jot your lists down on a blank sheet of paper and flip it over to the other side for the other subject. For example, for the thesis "The Morkie makes a better pet for kids than a pure Yorkshire because of its loving attitude, playful personality and easy care," the body could have one paragraph for the Morkie discussing all these concepts followed by a paragraph about the purebred.

What Exactly Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Lincoln was shot dead on April 15th,by John Wilkes Booth. If you are comparing and contrasting cats and dogs, use personal anecdotes about friends and their pets to bolster your arguments. We will focus on three main aspects: the cost of such education, quality of education based on the results and achievements of graduatesand the workload. Do they have any relationship to each other?

By doing this, you can know whether the two objects are more similar or they greatly differ so that home care skills cover letter can write your statement. With any information that you include, be sure to explain why it matters in the context of your larger argument.

In a compare and contrast essay, you can develop either an explanatory or evaluative thesis statementA brief statement that identifies a writer's thoughts, opinions, or conclusions about a topic. It consists of two circles that overlap creating a single overlapping area and two non-overlapping areas.

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It also tends to produce writing a thesis statement for compare and contrast essay more tightly integrated and analytical paper. Compare and contrast Newton's ideas of gravity with those proposed by Einstein ['compare and contrast' essay] Examine how the economies of Spain and China are similar ['compare' only essay] Explain the differences between Achaemenid Empire and Parthian Empire ['contrast' only essay] Structure There are two main ways to structure a compare and contrast essay, namely using a block or a point-by-point structure.

Why do you think they were created as they were? Deciding what to focus on By now you have probably generated a huge list of similarities and differences—congratulations! A transition paragraph or sentence often divides the two paragraphs above. Just choose the one that you feel most comfortable using and move on to the actual home care skills cover letter part.

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For example, when contrasting seemingly different things like lions and zebrasyou could say: Even though lions and zebras seem to have nothing in common, there are remarkable similarities between the two. However, you should first settle on your objects of comparison. You might be asked to compare positions on an home care skills cover letter e.

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What is the central focus, claim, or goal of each? Examine the Assignment The thesis establishes the main point of the essay. A possible thesis could be: While there are some differences, the parallels between the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, despite the twenty-five years between them, suggest that humans still have a great deal to learn about controlling the awesome force they have created.