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  • Using Scholastic's websitekids can weave their own myths, folktales, and fairy tales using superb examples of all three.
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  • So let me take a moment to officially welcome you to my blog.

Did you receive any awards for doing this task? Writing Activity 3: Silly Ever Afters For a more collaborative writing activity, ask your 3rd grade writers to write the first few paragraphs of a funny fantasy story.

  • A graphic organizer such as a paragraph hamburger may help him plan how to add more meat to the middle of his story and add an ending sentence to end the paragraph and restate the main idea.
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Ask them to pass their papers to another student in their group. So let me take a moment to officially welcome you to my blog. How do you get around?

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Author a six-word memoir. Ask them to create funny illustrations, individually or together, for each story. Snappy Travel.

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Narrative Essay Writing Prompts Narrative essays tell a story based on real or imagined events. I love journaling so much that many years ago, I wrote and self-published some kids journals. Overcome stage fright with a cool casual vibe and plenty of snacks.

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Describe your best day ever? In six words, can you capture the essence of your school year?

Journal Starters and Journaling Prompts for 3rd Graders

PreK—K, 1—2, 3—5, 6—8, 9—12 From From mad libs to story maps, everything you need to make writing fun. Explain why. Write a poem about your favorite person, animal, or place. Learn more: Love Teaching Kids What do you do?

Creative Writing Prompts

Think of something that you found difficult to do at first such as multiplication or tying your shoesbut that you now understand. What is your favorite color? Pet Sitter.

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Research the childhood of one American president and write an essay about what you learn. Allegory to Simile At this siteyou'll find a list of literary devices with clear descriptions and links to some bright ideas for lesson plans.

What excites you and why?

Be sure to describe a few experiences you have had together that show why you chose this person. Describe the dream from the beginning to the end and try not to leave out any details.

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First, break them into groups to talk about what makes your school special and memorable for them. Prompts What if cows gave root beer instead of milk? Fun puns, crazy captions and humorous fairy tales—there are myriad ways to make writing a more enjoyable classroom activity.

I am so lucky that I am still able to glance at journals from third grade and see what I was thinking, who I liked, who my friends were, etc. Family Tales.

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Lesson plans included for both poetry and fiction writing are suitable social media marketing dissertation titles all ages, backgrounds, and interests.

Describe your adventure.