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  • Is not able to write clear and understandable sentences.
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Please contact me if you need supplemental learning materials to use at home for practice. Exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom. Is honest and trustworthy in dealings with others. Plus, how to deal with helicopter parents. Use comments like: Your student comes to school each day prepared to work hard.

Is a self-motivated student. Enjoys writing stories and can compile unique and interesting sentences. Needs to actively participate in classroom discussion. Your child exhibits exceptional focus and diligence in their work.

Takes an active role in discussions.

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This student is unable to compose complex sentences that are clear and grammatically correct. We will continue to reinforce appropriate behaviors. You can begin with a simple stem and just fill in the personal details that will make the parent smile. Could benefit from They are often misplaced throughout their writings.

Get inspired by the examples — and strategies for success — above to ensure that precision, clarity, and meaning shine through in your report card comments. Needs to work on not distracting others during class. Use specific examples Record and use classroom anecdotes in your assessments. Does not understand how to appropriately use commas.


Needs to work on staying focused and on task. Requires constant supervision and direct assistance with their writing assignments and is unable to complete an entire assignment without writing errors. Used by permission of the author, Leah Davies, and selected from the Kelly Bear website [www. Your child is inquisitive and engaged in class, but they have quite a bit of missing work.

Makes little effort when not under direct supervision.

50 Quick Report Card Comments For Assessing Elementary Student Writing Skills

Is not respectful of other students with their writing. Sending notes home between progress reports and report cards with little comments like these can bolster the parent-teacher relationship.

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Strives to reach his full potential. Key Takeaways: Report Card Comments Stress positive attributes Use words such as "requires," "struggles," or "seldom" to show when a child needs extra help Introduce areas in need of work in a way that won't make parents feel like you're criticizing the personal reflection thesis statement unnecessarily, for example, list negative comments under a comments section titled "goals to work on" Supportive and detailed comments can provide parents with ways to partner with you to make students feel empowered to do better Attitude and Personality Phrases should present information n a straightforward manner about the students' classroom temperament, giving suggestions for improvements when possible: Has a good attitude toward school.

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Although he has had some difficulty adjusting to our room and various duties, he usually tries to cooperate. Exhibits excellent attitude. She is a sweet and cooperative child. I am hoping this recent interest and improvement will continue throughout the school year. Your comments can provide clear recognition of skills and give parents insight into areas in which students need to improve.

If a child is having difficulty — say so! This shows you are doing everything in your power to change the situation. Is well-prepared for class each day. Continues to make nice progress this year concerning Teachers can do their part by writing thoughtful, engaging comments. If your student works as hard on [important skill] as they have worked on [improved subject], then they will be caught up in no time!

Performs carelessly with his or her writing assignments. Shows self-confidence in She is capable of much better work. Shows the ability to instantly what is a introduction and conclusion paragraph spelling, punctuation and grammar rules that were just learned.

You will likely have more trouble completing comments for students who have multiple areas needing further improvement and attention.

This student requires extra attention concerning the application of previously learned skills and techniques.

Is able to quickly comprehend new skills and is eager to apply them to their writing. Requires help with organizational skills, such as Is a sweet and cooperative child. Introduce areas in need of work in a way that won't make parents feel like you're criticizing the student unnecessarily.

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This hurts her academically. Your student is excellent at taking ownership of their learning. This student is behind the rest of the class concerning this technique, thus I suggest setting aside time at home to practice these skills.

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With a little more effort, your child could move up to the advanced group in [the subject where effort is lacking]. Demonstrates a need for consistent effort and motivation, especially in Feel free to move on and return to those students periodically or as you find the right language to express your insights. Needs to work on handwriting skills.

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Seeks responsibilities and follows through. Demonstrates a need for improved social interaction skills, such as Often seems tired at school Please check that they have completed their homework each evening. He is maturing nicely and I hope this continues.

Stress the positive attributes and list "goals to work on" to notify the parents about the negatives. Writes clearly and with purpose. Writing report card comments designed to instill ambition within students can empower them to make positive changes.

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Is self-confident and has excellent manners. Your child puts in great work in [preferred subject]! This hurts her academically. When you notice a positive or negative skill, ability, strength, or weakness in a class activity or assignment, be sure to note it down so that you may refer to it in your report card comments.

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Needs to keep her cubby and desk better organized. Responds well to positive praise and clear expectations. Highly suggest reviewing cursive writing skills at writing students reports comments to help improve their cursive writing skills. Has a vocabulary that is substantially larger than most of the other students.

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  • She is a sweet and cooperative child.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Has a great understanding in writing non-phonic words. Yet, it can be difficult to come up with fresh and positive ways of saying things. How is their class participation?

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